Saturday, June 17, 2017

SHARK MAN - Riley Elliott

What an amazing day we had on Friday because of the Mazda Foundation Treemendous Gaden Makeover.  As well as having The Bug Man visit, we were lucky to meet The Shark Man, Riley Elliott as well.

Riley talked to us about his love of sharks and how, like many people, he used to be scared of them.  He explained that people's fears are to do with the movie Jaws!  Sharks are the most intelligent creature of the ocean and have been around for longer than dinosaurs.  Riley swims and studies sharks for a living and was certainly passionate about their conservation.

 If you are swimming and come across a shark, look it in the eye then curl up into a ball to make yourself look as unlike a seal as you can!

BUG MAN - Ruud Kleinpaste

Due to our Treemendous Garden Makeover Nelson Central School was very lucky to have a visit from the TV star, The Bug Man and his pet weta, George.  The children were treated to a presentation from Ruud where he explained that even the 'poo' from animals is a resource.  We learned that bugs are wonderful creatures and if they didn't exist the human race would die within 2 months!

Treemendous Garden Grand Opening Video

Opening of the Sensory Garden from Kathryn Robertson on Vimeo.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Sensory Garden Grand Opening a massive success!

Wow, what a community we have at Nelson Central School.  The turnout was great for the final working bee and grand opening of our beautiful new outside classroom area.

We all need to acknowledge the drive and passion of Lynley, room 12's teacher who supported the Enviro Agents with the initial concept and then made the project come to life with her determination and hard work.  Well done to everyone who helped in some way, whether it be at the working bees or on the day today.  What a great space for our tamariki to learn and play in.

Check out these initial photos and 'watch this space' for the movie of 2017 coming soon!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Mr Science and Impossible Bridge fun

Over the last two Fridays Room 9 have had some fun.  Firstly, Mr Science created some science wonder when he helped students to make gloop and experiment with dye and water.


We then used a reading book the Terrific Tuataras had read this week to ignite our design skills and create the "impossible bridge".